About Sonny

Anybody visiting the Seychelles will hear Sonny Morgan's music on the radio, in the hotels or in the streets as his music is one of the 'major exports' of the Islands. He demonstrates how the traditional Indian Ocean "Sega" music of the Islands can be blended with more modern influences to create a potent sound. Sonny is renowned for his unique style, and originality is very important to him - although his music has a Reggae/Sega beat, it has a real depth to the lyrics and something of a Salsa/Afro-Cross feel.

Sonny Morgan was born on La-Digue, in the Seychelles, but moved to Australia aged 13 years and now spends his time between Perth and his beloved homeland, the Seychelles.

A 20-year veteran of the music industry, Sonny has released 9 albums of his own material, and has toured in Europe as well as performing at countless gigs in Australia and around the Indian Ocean - including large-scale Creole Festivals in the Seychelles. His music receives airplay on Radio stations all around the world.

His songwriting talent has been recognised internationally - Sonny won 1st Prize in the prestigious "Unisong" international songwriting contest in America, and has also won similar awards in Australia.

Sonny has been a pioneer in adapting the unique Sega rhythm, timing and phrasing to the English language and in making the music more accessible to a global audience. One of his personal rewards now is not the financial return, but to know he is an established name in both the Seychelles and Australia, and that he has helped to popularise the music of the Islands around the world.

Early hits for Sonny included "Timimi" and "Theme for Aldabra" - perfect music to listen to, let your mind drift to a 'sunny climate' and give you the ambient feel of the Seychelles. Although "Theme from Aldabra" is (unusually for Sonny) an instrumental, it gives the instant 'holiday feel' in a similar way to 'Return of Las Palmos 7' by British group 'Madness'.

Long term listeners to Sonny can hear the evolution in his music over the last 20 years. Whilst he has kept to his original Sega roots, the music has taken on a 21st century beat. His music is no-longer only appreciated in the Indian Ocean, but is succeeding in the US and European markets with haunting songs like "War War War" and the reflections of a coming of age modern businessman with "Clean Cut" - not forgetting "Rasta Man" with guest vocals from the charismatic 'Aswon' and a fantastic video to accompany it.

Sonny’s more recent material has introduced various elements to make the music more friendly to US and European listeners, with the “Architect” CD being an example of his commitment to “spreading the word”, but at the same time he is conscious not to compromise the traditional roots of his music.

Sonny's most recent CD ("This World is for Everyone") contains a brilliant mix of tracks reflecting Reggae influences and his traditional Creole/Sega roots, combined with profound lyrics - all serving to show Sonny's ever-increasing maturity as a songwriter and musician.

From the Seychelles to LA, London to Perth, Sonny's music is growing in audience each day.

History in Pictures!

This picture shows my Great grandfather, General d'Arcourt, adjutant to King Alfonso XIII sat next to the Young King of Spain in the back of the carriage.

One of my earlier 'Cover' bands

My first single, how young!

A few years ago after a gig!